First impressions are everything, so make it count! What you need to know...


1. A polite introduction is first and foremost, such as a email letting me know who you are and all about you. Respect goes a long way.


2. I do not answer blocked calls. If I do not recognize your number and if I am unavailable to answer the phone again please drop me a email I do not keep my hobby phone on at all times. I do not anwer random text unless I have seen you in the past or if again you have emailed me a note letting me know who you are, date, time, location and that you would like to see me.


3. Ready to book? My online screening form makes it easy ;)


4. I verify all new clients and this is non-negotiable. It is for both of our safety and privacy, you can accomplish by 1) Providing me 2 providers you have seen in the past or your P411 etc., or 2) If you are new to the business or just don't have a recent experience you can send me a photo ID. You can share your social media such as your Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc, along with your employment for verification. 

5. I require a 25% deposit for all new clients and when touring your city that can that can be sent via paypal, venmo, cash app.

6. If I am
driving more than 30 minutes to get to you I do require payment for gas, uber, airfare to be covered.

7. If I am
driving over a 60 minutes to you or flying, I require a 50% deposit of our time scheduled plus gas, uber, airfare taxi etc.